What Parents Are Saying

“It can be difficult to find activities for kids that you really feel good about. Screen-free, meeting sensory needs, the opportunity to connect and bond, or practice independent play-Child’s Play Co. bins check all of the boxes!”- Laura C.

“These sensory kits are amazing> My children (ages 3 and 5) absolutely love playing with them. I love the screen-free aspect of it, but also that it captivates the kids for so long. Each item feels thoughtfully curated for the kit and I especially love the themed activity guide that accompanies the kit.” – Erika M.

“The sensory kits were so fun for my daughters (ages 3 and 4)! The items provided kept them engaged and provided lots of fun free play. The activity guide provided was extremely helpful in guiding me on how to interact with my children while helping them learn and build on their fine motor skills.” -Hailey L.

“This kit is awesome! It includes multiple medias that all go together for a very creative playtime. I really enjoyed this kit with my child and look forward to trying other themes.” – Katie E.

“As a parent of a child with special needs, these sensory kits are more than just an opportunity to play, they are a learning experience.” -E.K.

“These kits are so cute and fun! They are educational without the kids even knowing! It’s a great way to help parents interact with their kids during play and to give ideas of topics and even books.” - Vanessa G.

“Love so much that my kids can use these to learn through play.”- Elizabeth

“My girls love Child’s Play Co. sensory kits! Such a fun idea and activities for kids!” – Mandi V.

“I would strongly recommend this kit. It kept my child occupied for 20-25 minutes! I also enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with him while he played.” – Sam

“My daughter loves these bins! She played quietly for 2 hours on the plane and we took them with us to dinner and even on the beach! They are the cutest and I loved the prompts with them.” -C.P