Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Child’s Play Co. Sensory Bins?

Each themed sensory bin is intentionally and purposefully designed by a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist to enhance your child’s learning, development, and creativity. Research supports screen free, play based learning for children to grow and thrive. A child’s work is PLAY! Play is vital to a child’s overall development and is fundamentally important for learning important skills such as problem solving, interacting with others, learning about themselves, and experiencing the world around them. Child’s Play Co. Sensory bins ignite all your child’s senses to encourage their development by playing with purpose.

All our products are specifically crafted to spark your child’s creativity and imagination with screen free play while enhancing their language/communication skills, cognitive development, and fine motor skills. Each regular and mini bin comes with a thoughtfully designed themed activity guide to enhance your child’s learning and play experience. Supplemental book recommendations are given to add to your child’s theme learning experience (books are not included with your purchase). Explore each bin together to learn new vocabulary, language concepts, social skills, problem solving, and fine motor skills. Every themed activity guide helps takes the guess work out of play for parents and lets children enjoy hours of creative, screen free play!